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Self Tuition - £15.00 - No booking required

At Cardrome we have a 12 acre private road complex where you can
bring your own car - accompanied by a FULLY QUALIFIED DRIVER.

This gives you the opportunity to spend as much or as little time practising general driving, use of the controls, even your manoeuvres in a quiet location.

It also gives young (under 17) drivers the opportunity to start their driver training before they reach 17 so that they are confident and most importantly safe when they go onto the public roads.

What we have here at Cardrome is unique, it is the only road complex solely set up for the learner driver in the UK.


No booking required (The entry fee for self tuition is £15. This is paid in one pound coins at the automated gate and should be brought with you. Debit or Credit Cards are not taken for entry into the centre for Self Tuition) This is an all day fee so you can stay for as long as you wish on the day of entry between the hours of
9 am - 9 pm


The complex is on private land INSURANCE IS NOT A REQUIREMENT FOR USE OF THE FACILITY. - Entry is strictly at your own risk - no liability will be taken by the owners for any damage or injury caused whilst using the centre - For further clarification or availability of insurance cover please contact your current insurance provider.


This facility is strictly for the use of private individuals, no commercial company who are financially benefitting from the site are permitted.

The site is exclusively used by Cardrome Learner Centre no other driving schools are permitted.

Group bookings are welcome only when using Cardrome Learner Centre and when booking through our office.


Number of pupils must not exceed the legal number of seats in the vehicle


The site has no lighting.



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Upper Rainham Road Hornchurch Essex RM12 4EU

Office Hours 9am to 5pm (answering machine out of hours) Self Tuition 9am to 9pm every day

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